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Ph: +33(0)3 23 21 35 04
Fax: +33(0)3 23 21 12 65

You can download all of our documentations through our website. If you are a professional reseller, you can also receive printed brochures which we can send to you by post after completing the « contact » page.

You can find all the information regarding our importers per country on the « COMPANY » page. If your country is not listed, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by sending a short e-mail to contact@easymass.fr.

As we don’t sell direct to the end user, we do not have a pricelist available. Prices depend on transport costs and raw material prices. Best way is to contact our importer for your country (see « Company » page) Or to send us an e-mail regarding your request to contact@easymass.fr.

Kindly complete the designated formular by clicking on : Warranty / Aftersales

After referring to the spare part list, you can use the « contact » page or by sending a short e-mail to contact@easymass.fr.